Upload funds into your NETELLER Account with Skrill

Skrill to Neteller transfer

Skrill to Neteller  transferNew payment option available


Upload funds into your NETELLER Account with Skrill

We hope you are enjoying your NETELLER services.

We are pleased to announce that all Neteller Account holders can now use Skrill to upload funds into their NETELLER Accounts.

A Skrill upload option has been added to your NETELLER Account meaning you can now transfer money between your Neteller and Skrill accounts. Good news if you also hold a Skrill Wallet or are interested in having one.

This additional upload feature forms part of our ongoing commitment to improving your experience with NETELLER and we hope you continue to enjoy using our services in the future.

Thank you for using Neteller.


*A fee of 1.9% is chargeable on any uploads to NETELLER via a Skrill Account.

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