RoyalPanda – Celebrate Game of Thrones’ return with a profit boost

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RoyalPanda – Celebrate Game of Thronesreturn with a profit boost




Game of Thrones returns on 24 April, with the whole world desperate to know the answer to one question: is Jon Snow dead or alive?


So to celebrate the return of HBO’s smash-hit TV series, we’ve lined up a great promotion for all Westeros fans: Play our Game of Thrones slot this weekend, and you’ll receive one of three great rewards depending on whether Jon Snow lives or dies.




Profit boost, cash back or bonus – Jon Snow’s fate is key




Here’s how it works:

  • Play our Game of Thrones slot using cash balance bets between 00:00 (GMT+1) on 23 April and 23:59 (GMT+1) on 24 April 2016.
  • Find out whether Jon Snow lives or dies in episode one of season six, The Red Woman, on Sunday, 24 April 2016.
  • See which reward you’ll receive!

The reward you’ll receive depends on what happens to Jon Snow:

  • Jon Snow lives: win over $50 in total, get a profit boost of $25
  • Jon Snow dies: get $25 on total losses over $50
  • It’s unclear: win or lose over $50 in total, get a $25 bonus

Spoiler free promotion

Didn’t get a chance to see The Red Woman? Don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything for you. We’ll add your reward to your bonus balance at 12:00 (GMT +1) on Tuesday, 26 April, giving you the chance to catch up with the first episode if you missed it.