PAF – guess the summer weather and win free spins

PAF - guess the summer weather and win free spins





PAFguess the summer weather and win free spins





Do you know what today’s weather will be?

Guess today’s average temperature, send your guess and then play today’s game for at least 5 euros (real money). The 100 people who guess right or are the closest win 100 free spins each. That’s not all. Everyone who guesses and plays for 5 euros wins three free spins on today’s game. So, the more days you take part – the more free spins you win and the better your chance to win 100 free spins.

Twice during the competition, on 20 and 27 July, we will raffle 1,000 euros in cash. Every day you guess and play for 5 euros you win one lottery ticket to win 1000 euros. You can win up to seven lottery tickets for each cash raffle.

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Average temperatures so far…

Curious about the right answers for previous days? Here they are:

13.7 Helsinki
14.7 Brussels
15.7 Malaga
16.7 Edinburgh
17.7 Prague
18.7 London
19.7 Stockholm
20.7 Oslo
21.7 Tallinn
22.7 Vienna
23.7 Bucharest
24.7 Copenhagen
25.7 Berlin
26.7 Mariehamn