LaRomere – Lucky Numbers €2500 Jackpot

LaRomere – Lucky Numbers 2500 Jackpot



LaRomereLucky Numbers €2500 Jackpot 11 June – 20 July 2015



Play LaRomere Lucky Numbers and You could walk away with the €2500 Jackpot


It’s as easy as 3,4,5,6!

  • 5 correct lucky numbers will get you $/€500 in cash each week from 18 June onwards .
  • 4 correct lucky numbers will get you $/€ 125 cash
  • 3 lucky numbers will give you $/€ 50 cash


LaRomere – Lucky Numbers
Every day between 11 June – 20 July 2015,you’ll be presented with a grid containing gidden lucky numbers and if all six numbers are drawn,you’ll take home the cash.
Draw days are every Thursday between 18 June and 20 July 2015, so be sure to make your picks and check your lucky tickets to see if you’re a winner. There will be mystery bonus rewards hidden in the number grid,choose wisely and your lucky number could land you a double win.
Work your way up the LaRomere leaderboard for greater chances at winning – any jackpot carryovers will be shared amongst the TOP 10 players in the last week of the competition!



Based on qualifying deposits, account holders will be able to make number selections from a grid of 50 balls. If they get all 6 numbers right, they’ll win $/€ 2,500 in cash at the draw that will take place every Thursday from 18 June (first draw) – 20 July (last draw). Qualifying deposits will start to count from 11 June 2015.
If the 6 number jackpot money is carried over and not won, it will be added to a pool that will be divided amongst the top 10 players on the leaderboard in the last week of the promo.