How to play online slots (Infographic) by BGO casino

How to play online slots (Infographic) by BGO casino



Excited about playing online slots but not sure where to begin?

We’ve pulled together this handy infographic, to get you through your first few spins.


We walk you through the buttons, features and on-screen lingo you’ll see when you play for the first time.

Not sure the difference between classic, bonus and progressive slots?

Well, we’ve covered that too.

So for a beginner’s guide to BGO online slot machines or any other online slots for that matter, make sure you have a read of our helpful infographic.


How to play online slots (Infographic) by BGO casino

Paris Hilton stars in latest BGO - 20 free spins NetEnt no deposit


Paris Hilton stars in latest BGO…and Verne Troyer 🙂



Watch world-famous heiress, DJ, singer, model and actress Paris Hilton star alongside Verne Troyer in the latest online casino TV commercial. Join now at BGO for a 20 free spins No Deposit (NetEnt) & 200% bonus up to £200 on your first deposit.


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BGO casino Paris Hilton and Verne Troyer 1

bgo, pronounced ‘be-go’ replaces our hugely popular xbingo site. Our inspiration was the word ‘BinGO’! As we wanted to offer more entertainment options to you guys, we decided the word bgo was a great way to bridge our successful bingo past and our multi-game future. It is also a neat little domain name too 😉


BGO casino Paris Hilton and Verne Troyer 2

1 november 2014  Dan Blizerian just joined a new BGO Entertainment campaign, which already started. Dan Blizerian got a nice photo and put it on facebook. It looks that he has a lot fun with Verne Troyer. We would even write thats the style of Dan Blizerian. Beautiful women near him and Dan on bicycle with Verne… on him. BGO Entertainment made a great deal.

Dan Bilzerian and Verne Troyer new BGO commercial